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Advisory services concerning China market
China product market analysis
Sales of goods in China
Основы работы с рынком КНР
- Advisory services concerning China market.
- Advisory services concerning the export activities to China.
- Product market analysis.
- Searching for Chinese partners.
- Mutual interaction with Chinese companies.
- Launch of retail sales.
- Online trading platforms support.
You choose what stages of work to entrust us.
Продажи товаров в КНР
Launching products in the Chinese market is a complicated work, requiring considerable experience and efforts.
It is necessary to know much about the product, to be aware of its place in the market.
Due to the complexity of the task, we are aiming at long-term cooperation.
We act solely on behalf of your company and work with you as one team.
A&P International Co., Ltd. is a company registered in Shanghai in 2016. Our company is active in export, consumer promotion of goods manufactured in East Europe to the Chinese market. We have specialists with five and even more years of work experience in the market.
Among our partners are large-scale manufactures of food products and household chemicals.
We have observed many times how companies from the East Europe countries tried to enter the Chinese market. For someone of them that worked out well, some of them were not so successful.
But we are sure that we will successfully cope with the task of exporting goods to China and even with more complicated task of promoting goods in the Chinese market because we are savvy to the market and we treat the tasks at hand in a consistent manner learning from the mistakes of others and considering all the possible consequences and complications.
Today, many companies are planning to enter the Chinese market. It is necessary to understand that entering the Chinese market is a long-term strategic task. A task that requires time and resources. But the solution of this problem brings sales to a qualitatively new level!
Dealing with Chinese commercial networks
Territory of our presence is Eastern China
It is considered to be the most difficult, but the most effective way of exporting goods to the Chinese market, which allows you to develop your presence in the market in a stable manner. It is you who determines the retail value, the variety and location of your goods on the shelves.
 In order to avoid any problems, it is necessary to carry on negotiations with Chinese commercial networks and to clear up their interest in a certain type of goods, as well as to specify the terms of placement.
It is also common practice to get approval for commercial networks in which it is planned to place the goods.
Then it is required to choose the necessary number of Chinese network sales outlets and to lay goods in a desired stock for this marketing channel.
Sales of goods.
Maintaining the trade turnover up to the mark during the test period, carrying out   agreed promotional offers.
Weekly sales analysis, audit check of the goods on the shelves, actual sales report.
Supplying with data concerning the competing product, cooperation arrangements with Chinese commercial network.

Important notice! Most of Chinese retail networks charge for a network logon and a bar code assigned to each SKU in each sales outlet.
Important notice! Chinese retail networks are not engaged in import of goods on a free-standing basis, they only deal with legal entities registered in the People's Republic of China (in-house companies or distributors). The networks consider only the goods, officially imported to the territory of China, and passed customs registration.
Important notice! Specific negotiations with Chinese networks are possible when providing them with the test samples of goods passed custom clearance formalities. It is required to deliver on the formal ground the trial consignment of goods expected to be placed.
Receiving a request from a foreign company and   estimation of the principle possibility of project implementation on the   Chinese market.
Recommendations for the product localization for the Chinese market.
Analysis of the Chinese market for this type of product, determination the gap in the market in which the product will be in demand.
Sending the product samples to Chinese companies that are interested in the product.
Negotiations and execution of distribution contracts on behalf of the customer.
Shipment of goods to the Chinese distributor, checking how the requirements raised by the customer are met by the distributor.
Specifying the wholesale companies within the territory of China which are interested in this product type.
Execution the commercial quotation in Chinese in respect to this product type.
Commercial quotation mailout to Chinese companies, defining the companies that are interested in the product.
Collection of information concerning the disposal of goods by a Chinese distributor, product-line expansion.
Handling of the operational issues which can come up between the customer and the Chinese distributor or agent.
Broadening the Chinese companies client base and sales area.

Important notice! It is necessary to provide samples of products, because the Chinese companies that are interested in the goods will request samples. If samples are available in the territory of China, the time for obtaining a decision on the product is significantly reduced.

Alibaba.com China
Taobao China
A&P China
HC360.com China
1688.com China
JD.com China
Choosing the best possible Chinese online platforms of wholesale trade for this type of imported goods.
Registration of the foreign company on B2B e-commerce platforms focused on domestic Chinese market.
Placement of your products on our wholesale and retail e-commerce websites.
Creating an information unit on the foreign company, describing the product and specifying the terms of cooperation with the Chinese companies.
Negotiations with the administration of the e-commerce platform regarding the issues of product promotion on this Chinese e-commerce platform.
Support for deals with the Chinese e-commerce platform, registration of requests from Chinese companies, negotiations with Chinese companies, analysis of the requests for a similar product within the B2B platform, commercial quotation mailout to Chinese companies which are expected to be attractive and which are registered on the platform.

Important notice! Chinese B2B e-commerce platforms are divided into platforms focused on the domestic and foreign markets. As an example, you can take a closer look at B2B platforms of Alibaba Group which is the Chinese colossus of online trading:
alibaba.com – a platform targeted at selling Chinese goods on the foreign markets.
1688.com - a platform targeted at selling Chinese goods on the domestic market.
Registration on these platforms has its own peculiarities, in particular the Chinese-oriented platforms often do not have an interface in English, etc.
Chinese companies registering on the platforms of   various fields of concern and their aims are in marked contrast to each   other.
The choice of the best possible e-platforms depends on the company's overall strategy in the Chinese market and the product that is expected to be promoted in the Chinese market.
Important notice! E-commerce platforms targeted at retail trade such   as taobao.com are of some   interest with relation   to the analysis of the demand for this product type and adjustment of the product value   which is the best for the Chinese market.
SIAL 2019 14-16 May, Shanghai
Asia’s largest and the 4th biggest food innovation exhibition in the world, SIAL China concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Resented their latest products and food trends from 67 countries all over the world.
FHC China 2018 14-16 November, Shanghai
The International Exhibition Food, Drink, Hospitality, Foodservice, Bakery & Retail Industries. FHC is exclusively for imported and top-quality products. With 43% of visitors coming from outside Shanghai, FHC really is the only international exhibition serving the China market, making it the benchmark for international companies looking to collaborate with markets in China and Asia.FHC is exclusively for imported and top-quality products. With 43% of visitors coming from outside Shanghai, FHC really is the only international exhibition serving the China market, making it the benchmark for international companies looking to collaborate with markets in China and Asia.

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