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Product promotion

Product promotion in popular Chinese online services such as Youku video service, Weibao social network, or WeChat messenger is necessary when launching product to the Chinese market.
It is essential that in China both the digital commerce industry and user – to – user way of useful information communication are rather developed and it is in harmony with the conventional wisdom of the Chinese on doing business. It is necessary to accept it as a given and weaponise it.
A&P International Co., Ltd. will render assistance in promoting your product or a trade mark on the key online services of China. it is rather economical way of making the end-consumer aware of your offer.
As a general rule foreign companies present their offers in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.
These cities are extremely attractive in terms of sales, but if we are talking about Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, these exhibitions are attended by representatives of large companies, or local companies.
In addition, your offer has to compete with offers from every corner of the world.
However, China has more than 50 cities with a population of over 1 million people. In every such city they hold local fairs, exhibitions and so on.
These cities, as a rule, suffer from lack of foreign manufactures attention. Moreover, at such events your offer will show to advantage.
A&P International Co., Ltd. will carry out the presentation of your product on the regional trading platforms and help to find local Chinese distributors.
Advertise the products where necessary. Do not scatter your advertising budget trying to boil the ocean. Advertise your products in the shopping centers where your product is presented. Involve your distributor in joint sales promotions, which will draw attention to your products on the shelves.
A&P International Co., Ltd. will help you   develop the most effective advertising campaign, tailored for a particular   city. We will check the information of your distributor concerning the cost   and terms of the sales promotions and advertising. This will help you to make   efficient use of the resources or to seek aimed compromise in negotiations for   product promotion with your local distributor.
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